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Global Celebration School Of Supernatural Ministry Online (GCSSM ONLINE) is a 9 month interactive school personally led by Georgian and Winnie Banov to help you embrace your glorious new identity in Christ, carry revival in a culture of Honor, and extend the borders of the Kingdom through a supernatural Heaven-on-Earth lifestyle.

You'll be joining a family that will empower you to be everything that you're called to be. We believe that God will use this time to transform you. As a new creation with Jesus to the core in every area of your life you will see Heaven touch the earth through your own hands as you do the works of Jesus (just as John 14:12 says).

We meet two nights every week for interactive training, but that's only the beginning. Our students become part of our global family of fellow students, alumni, and leadership to change the world together.
At GCSSM ONLINE you will gain the confidence to develop your ministry gifts directly from Georgian and Winnie Banov and our GCSSM pastoral team within the safety of the classroom.

We also periodically bring in live guest speakers who are nationally and internationally known and respected. Whether in the classroom or at a conference, in-person or online, you will receive deep revelation from a variety of ministry streams.

Some of our previous guest instructors include Heidi Baker, Bill Johnson, Todd White, Steffany Gretzinger, Eric Johnson, Dr. Randy Clark, Dr. Brian Simmons, Seth Dahl, Patricia King, Chris Gore, Leif Hetland, David Wagner, and more...

Based on the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry curriculum as well as the distinct world-changing DNA of Global Celebration, adult students of all ages will passionately pursue God in a community based on love, faith and honor, and learn to build revival culture with solid Biblical understanding.
learn your true identity in Christ.
Grow in your personal relationship with God
Gain the confidence to walk in signs and wonders.
"After enrolling and attending the school I feel like my experience there was way more of an answer than what I was looking for...

In GCSSM, God revealed to me my significance and what He has called me to do. Understanding God has such a crazy destiny for other people has also helped me reach out to other believers and the lost. The school has helped me understand how to encounter God on a day-to-day basis"

-GCSSM Alumni
Become a part of our incredible, global family.
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Meet The Global Celebration Founders

Georgian and Winnie Banov

The Banovs travel extensively each year, focusing primarily on the poorest of the poor throughout third world nations. 

Charged with a heart of compassion, they host lavish Jesus Celebrations and Love Feasts, providing hot meals for the local people and spreading a powerful message based on fresh revelations from the Scriptures.

Boldly declaring the finished work of the Cross, their presentation of the Gospel is with rare clarity and depth causing changed lives, freedom, joy, supernatural healing and wholeness.

Born in communist Bulgaria, Georgian Banov became a Christian after escaping through the Iron Curtain and moving to Southern California in 1974. Well-known for his extensive involvement in the Christian music scene, Georgian was the leader of a contemporary Christian band called Silverwind in the 80s.

He also co-wrote and co-produced several famous children’s classics, including Music Machine and Bullfrogs and Butterflies which sold over 3.5 million copies worldwide and earned a Dove Award and Grammy nomination 
Georgian and Winnie Banov will personally lead over 50% of your teaching sessions. 
Personal Note From Georgian & Winnie Banov
The greatest thing the Lord has had us do these last years has been the school of the supernatural.

Seeing sons and daughters come alive to their identities in Christ offers our hearts a great reward. This is why we do the school and pour so much into it!

Have you been asking the Lord, “Is there more? What’s my next step?”

Winnie and I invite you to join our online international community and unlock your dreams, gifting, and identity like you’ve never imagined.

If you have it in your heart to grow in God, we encourage you to apply now for GCSSM ONLINE.
Georgian & Winnie Banov
Founders of GCSSM ONLINE


“GCSSM: a powerhouse school that will deploy people to impact and transform culture and society.”
– Bill Johnson
Sr. Pastor of Bethel Church, Redding, CA
 “Some of our best friends, Georgian and Winnie Banov are having a School of Supernatural Ministry… It’s going to be so full of God and His presence, you should come… it’s going to be amazing.”
– Heidi Baker, Apostle and Missionary
 to Mozambique, Iris Ministries
 “Some of our best friends, Georgian and Winnie Banov are having a School of Supernatural Ministry… It’s going to be so full of God and His presence, you should come… it’s going to be amazing.”
– Heidi Baker, Apostle and Missionary
 to Mozambique, Iris Ministries
“Please don't hesitate to be a part of something like this, we need each other, we need the Body.”
– Steffany Gretzinger
“I am so excited about GCSSM. The combination of Bethel’s DNA with the zest, zeal, joy, grace and liberty that Georgian & Winnie carry… wow! I highly recommend and endorse their school. Sign up. Get equipped and then GO.”
– Patricia King
“Attend this school, it will change your life and bring about the transformation of nations.”
– Che Ahn, Sr. Pastor of HRock Church,
Pasadena, CA
“I am so excited about GCSSM. The combination of Bethel’s DNA with the zest, zeal, joy, grace and liberty that Georgian & Winnie carry… wow! I highly recommend and endorse their school. Sign up. Get equipped and then GO.”
– Patricia King

More Stories From Our Students

Being at GCSSM changed my whole world view, I now only see things through the lens of the Cross and it helps me to love myself and others better. Within the environment of GCSSM, I discovered just how alive and active is the Word of God. 

Georgian and Winnie Banov are true parents of the faith, pouring into us with Gospel truths, ministering to us personally, and providing for us a safe place to grow in love with Jesus with our own personal faith. We have amazing leaders at the school as well who are incredible encouragers and are excellent at unlocking gifts in you that may have been dormant or needed fine-tuning.

Easily, GCSSM is a decision I would make, over and over again.

-Wennie | Student Intern
"GCSSM was a portal to a new and exciting adventure into the things of God. I have been receiving downloads from heaven that leave me speechless. I have discovered things and ways of God that I never knew existed. I could never find the words to express how grateful I am for the Lord leading me to this school. It has been manna from heaven to my being."

-Ressie | Year One Student
GCSSM has stoked the coals in my heart to burn🔥 bright again! I was lethargic a year ago, and my hope, faith, and sense of victory were low. The presence of the Lord, and the revelation, activations, and impartations that were released through the worship, prayer, prophetic words, teachings and joy groups at GCSSM have absolutely revived my intimacy with the Lord and brought me to new levels in knowing Him, believing for healings, operating in the prophetic, and living in His joy and love 💕!🎉🔥 Can’t thank all of you at GCSSM enough! This is an awesome family!

— Kay | Year One Student
When I asked my husband about joining year two, he said “it’s a way of life” and gave me the green light. I think that’s an excellent way to sum it up. Attending GCSSM has proven to be life-giving, even resurrecting dreams and hope deferred. It has been like an infusion center of golden glory, vitamin J for Jesus, and radiant particulars of tasty revelation. It is a priceless experience having gained a global safety net of like-minded brothers and sisters in the faith. My heart wants to explode with volcanic love over the connections made through attending this school. He’s even re-connected me with a couple of lovers of Christ I met over a decade ago. Holy Spirit has me way in over my head in the river and even in the depths of the ocean of HIS LOVE through full immersion. Can you say BAPTISMO?!?
Baptism of FIRE! Baptism of LOVE!
I simply do not recommend missing this opportunity!!!

— Melinda | Year One Student
GCSSM is a treasure chest filled with many gifts that brings refreshment to the soul, restores identity, and resurrects dreams.
The school of ministry had me in tears many times at the acknowledgment of God’s unconditional love in the way he designed this ministry to minister to me and many others. Only he could have positioned us for such a rich outpouring. GCSSM is a testimony of God’s plan to equip his sons and daughters to come up higher and to prosper them even in the midst of a global pandemic. The revelatory impartations, activations, hearts ignited with passion and fire are life-changing. The best part? I have gained a tribe of brothers and sisters worldwide who have become family to me, it’s invaluable. If you are questioning whether or not you should enroll with GCSSM, just do it!! You will be blessed!!

— Elisha | Year One Student
GCSSM has no doubt changed the trajectory of my spiritual life and walk. As
I immersed myself in all the powerful teachings and prophetic activations, it transported my spirit to a new level of understanding and wisdom exposing me to the truth I have never seen/heard before!

— Riza | Year One Student
GCSSM has pulled me up out of a casket of fear, intimidation, and being heartsick from deferred hope. GCSSM has immersed me in the Word of God and exposed me to revelatory teachers/preachers who have a clear, direct line and real relationship with the Living God. GCSSM has encouraged and strengthened my resolve in stepping out with prophetic words to strangers like in Starbucks just this past Sunday to a young lady... My heart slowly but surely is opening up and will be fully healed. This community breathes and exhales the supernatural power of the Living God. It is Real.

— Debra | Year One Student
Don't miss out on this life changing school.
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Over 15 Nations Represented in Our Student Body


Understanding who you are in Christ and who Christ is in you is probably the most important thing in all of our Christian walk. GCSSM will help you to understand and unlock your heart into dreaming with God through the lens of your new identity! Here is what you can look forward to learning at GCSSM Online.
  • Your identity in light of Romans 6, 7, and 8
  • ​Activating the prophetic ministry
  • ​Activating the ministry of healing
  • ​A foundation of extravagant love
  • ​Survey of the Bible: Galatians
  • ​Survey of the Bible: Romans
  • ​Prophetic Intercession
  • ​The supernatural ways of royalty
  • ​​Releasing Heaven on Earth
  • Jesus to the core: fully possessed by God
  • ​The culture of honor and a revivalist’s lifestyle
  • ​Feasting on God's faithfulness
  • The royal language of the Crucified One
  • ​The revelation of God throughout Church history
  • Supernatural Missions
  • ​Reformation 2.0
  • ​Your New Heart
  • ​The out-of-all proportion solution of the Cross


Here is what you get as a GCSSM ONLINE Student:
  • ​​2 Live Classes Per Week
  • ​Dynamic and thriving online community via our Joy Groups - a core part of our school that meet throughout the year to ensure students are building community
  • ​Activation in the gifts of the Spirit and how to grow and flow in the gift of prophecy
  • ​Full GCSSM Based on the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry curriculum
GCSSM will help you to understand and unlock your heart into dreaming with God through the lens of your new identity!

PLUS: Receive These Bonuses

When You Become A GCSSM Student

  • ​Master's Class of Supernatural Leadership: Bill Johnson, Chuck Pierce, Danny Silk, Tony and Cynthia Brazelton, Seth Dahl, Tracey Armstrong, Paul Manwarring, Mark Chironna, Andy Mason and more...($397 Value)
  • ​Master's Class Healing Academy: Todd White, Kevin Dedmon, Kris Kildosher, Randy Clark, Will Hart, Chris Gore, David Hogan, Katherine Ruonala, Leif Hetland and more...($397 Value)
  • ​Master's Class of Divine Favor: Shawn Bolz, Darren Wilson, Brian Simmons, Keith Ferrante, Miranda Nelson and more ...($497 Value)
  • ​Love Notes Guide by Winnie Coco Banov - Digital Download ($20 Value)
  • ​Romans 6 Manual by Winnie Coco Banov - Digital Download ($10 Value)


6 Weeks of Prophetic Mentoring

​With Chuck Pierce, James Goll, Georgian and Winnie Banov, Cindy Jacobs, Tomi Arayomi, Emma Stark, Stacey Campbell, David Wagner and more ($397 Value)

Testimonies from 6 weeks of Prophetic Mentoring:

This class has been life changing. It has brought me so much freedom, unveiled hidden truths that were there all along, filled my heart with a new song and given me so much joy. Isn't God amazing!!!
-Kathryn Adams

God brought me to this time and place so I could find a place of hiding and refuge in Him, so He could clear up issues and strongholds in my life, give me brand new revelation, and set me high above all the confusion with revelations and dreams.
-Valeri Michon

 I'm thankful for the emphasis in Scripture because instead of pointing us to themselves, Georgian and Winnie are pointing us to The Word, Jesus Himself, who transforms us! I am so thankful for every message.
-Lacey Sturm

That's Over $1,500 of Bonuses for FREE

Don't Wait - Extra Bonus Expires at Midnight on August 7th

Tuition  & Application Options

"...I prayed 'Lord thank you for what you have done and I know you want me to go for Year Two but I need you to pay for it if you want me to go' ...I didn’t tell anyone and then someone I never met said the Lord told them to pay my entire tuition in full!"

— GCSSM Alumni | Lisa

$3,497 $2,597
save $900 when you pay in full
Includes Love Notes E-Book
Includes Romans 6 E-Book
One Payment of $2,597
$3,497 $2,797
save $700 when you pay 50% upfront
Includes Love Notes E-Book
Includes Romans 6 E-Book
First Payment of $1,398.50+ 
6 Monthly Payments of $233

Discover Your Identity
Unlock Your Gifts
Change the World

$3,497 $2,797
save $700 when you register early
Includes Love Notes E-Book
Includes Romans 6 E-Book
Deposit of $311+ 
8 Monthly Payments of $311


$3,497 $2,800
save $697 when you register early
Includes Love Notes E-Book
Includes Romans 6 E-Book
Deposit of $175+ 
15 Monthly Payments of $175

"I had wanted to attend GCSSM for years but always had excuses. Single mom, different scenarios. Finally I gave Jesus my yes and He provided. Donations came in and it was wild!! By the end of the school year I had more than enough to pay tuition.

Moral of the story…I didn’t have to have it all figured out. Just needed to take the first step and He was going to take care of it all!!!! And He did!!! And He is and He will!!!"

— GCSSM Alumni | Dani


Frequently Asked Questions

How The School Works

Is GCSSM a full time commitment?
We like to say that GCSSM is a "Part time school with a full time feel" because we have 2 live classes per week for 9 months, but our interactive community of students, alumni, and leadership are always available to support you through the entire school year.
What if I can't Participate in the lives sessions because of my schedule?
That’s okay; all the missing classes will be made available through our on-demand platform which means you never have to worry about missing out due to your schedule.
When does school start?
Classes begin September 3rd, 2024. Class Orientation will be August 27th followed by Prophetic Activation Orientation Thursday August 29th.
What if I join the school after the start date? 
That's ok! We record all of our GCSSM ONLINE sessions so you can catch up on past sessions at your own pace.
How will I stay connected to the community throughout the school?
Being a part of GCSSM you will connect to a dynamic and thriving online community, our Joy Groups, a core part of our school, meet throughout the year to ensure students are building community.

A core part of our school is small Joy Groups that meet online in zoom throughout the year to interact and build community.

Also, we have a private student portal inside Facebook. This is used for sharing what God is doing in students' lives. There are "rooms" too - where you can jump in with your new friends and have time to connect. 
How often will Georgian and Winnie Banov be leading the school sessions?
The Banovs have dedicated their schedule to allow them to personally lead 50% of your class sessions.
When does the school meet?
Our main sessions are held online 2 nights per week: Tuesdays and Thursdays live in zoom. We stream from our homes to yours. 
How does GCSSM ONLINE meet?
Tuesday & Thursday evenings, starting at 6:30 pm EST (New York time), we will stream live to our private GCSSM Zoom session. 

Students will watch live, interact, and then meet in small break-out rooms for activation and ministry time.

Additionally, if you cannot join us live, each session will be available on-demand 24/7.

On-demand students also are offered a time zone sensitive weekly activation time and a Joy group time with other on-demand students. Building community is for all GCSSM students. 
What will the homework look like?
There will be reading requirements and small group discussions based on the classes and reading assignments. Our very own Winnie Coco Banov's manual, Love Note is a core piece of your homework material. This manual, unlike any other, will walk you through the Biblical truths of our union with Christ. It will also enhance your intimacy with The Lord.
Who are the guest speakers?
While Georgian and Winnie Banov will be the primary speakers, they will be supplemented by our local GCSSM pastoral staff.  We will also host internationally known and respected guest speakers.

Some of our previous guest instructors include Heidi Baker, Bill Johnson, Todd White, Kris Vallotton, Danny Silk, Dr. Randy Clark, Dr. Brian Simmons, Seth Dahl, Patricia King, Chris Gore, Leif Hetland, Stacey Campbell, Steve & Wendy Backlund, Doug Addison, Mitko Dimitrov , Daniel Newton, Kevin Dedmon, Brian and Candace Simmons, David Wagner and more.
How much hands-on training will there be?
We believe that practice is essential to grow in the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Therefore we create a safe atmosphere to equip the hearts of God’s kids. 

Each evening session will include a time of activation where you will practice prophesying, healing, intercession and blessing one another to make it a way of life. Additional sessions will be available for live activations for online students.
How feasible is it for me to work a full-time/part-time job during the school year?
This is the perfect marketplace school. Most students work full time jobs throughout their school experience.


What is the Enrollment Process?
You can apply online and pay your deposit.

That's it! Enrollment for the online school is really simple. Just get ready for a life-changing experience over the next year.
I want to join GCSSM ONLINE. What's the next step?
You can continue your enrollment here.
Is there an application fee
No, but in lieu of an application fee, a nonrefundable $250 deposit is required to join the school.

Additionally, at least $750 (the deposit + the first month's payment) must be paid before you can begin attending school.

Additionally, if you choose options two or three, monthly successful payments will ensure your access to classes. 
I found out I can't attend GCSSM ONLINE. Can I get a refund?
All deposits and payments are non-refundable.

If you pre-paid for the full year, you will continue to have access to the on-demand teachings. Feel free to enjoy them and move at your own pace. We are happy to defer your enrollment for a year if you would like to participate more actively (in class and joy groups) at that time.

While we do not offer refunds, if you are making monthly payments for the school, you can cancel all future payments at any time. Note: if you cancel future payments or miss a monthly payment, after a 1 week grace period, you will lose access to all GCSSM content. You will be readmitted when you are once again in good financial standing with Global Celebration School of Supernatural Ministry.
What are the age requirements?
Students must be either: at least 18 years of age or a graduate of high school.
Can my spouse/friend/parent take the class with me?
Of course! But we ask that every student register for themselves. We have a generous discount available when more than one person from a household takes the school. Please email us for more information.

Spouse Discount:

If you and your spouse would like to attend. We offer one pays in full and the second at 50% off. 

If you are in different years the lower tuition will be the one to be discounted. 

Additional Information

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